Doctoral Projects

A wide variety of doctoral projects are available for students applying to the NDM. The projects listed below are available to applicants from a basic science or clinical background. The projects are also open to students on funded programmes (including NDM Prize Studentships, the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme and other funded programmes) and to direct applicants.


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DPhil Project Project Supervisors
Characterisation and manipulation of novel pathways that regulate gene expression to enhance the efficacy of vectored DNA vaccines (reference number 814) Simmonds, Peter Klenerman, Paul Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor)
Impact of biological markers on antimalarial treatment outcomes (reference number 671) Guerin, Philippe Nsanzabana, Christian and Price, Richard
OCR459 in severe eosinophilic asthma (reference number 818) Pavord, Ian
Persistent Haemophilus influenzae infection, innate immunity and the effect of inhaled corticosteroids in airways disease (reference number 804) Bafadhel, Mona
The potential for developing pragmatic clinical trials that require ‘point of care’ randomisation within routine settings in low-income settings. (reference number 739) English, Mike Molyneux, Catherine (Sassy) Lang, Trudie