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To add a news story to the news section page,

  1. Click on Add new > News item
  2. Enter the news title in the Headline field
  3. Add some summary text to the lead or intro field
  4. If it is an external news story, then add the url to the external link field
  5. If it is an internal news story, ignore step 6 and add the news text to the text field
  6. Enter the publishing date on the right hand side (date that the news story came out or if you want it to go live in the future, set the publishing date to the future date and indicate the time that this should go live).
  7. Click on the Media tab at the top of the page, and scroll down to Listing Image and upload image (allows you to browse for an image on your computer). Select the image and click Add
  8. Go to the Categorization tab and select News from the left box and use the arrow to move it into the right side box
  9. Click Save
  10. Click on State (top right corner) > Publish.