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newsletter.jpgWe publish 2 Newsletters for the staff, students and visitors within the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford. The first, Spotlight, contains general news items from across the Department and the second is the Athena SWAN Newsletter. They are designed to complement each other and keep you informed of news and upcoming events.


Spotlight is the newsletter for staff and students within NDM. There will be four newsletters published each year, one each quarter, which will carry news items and updates from across all units of the Department.

Issues available (most recent first):

Spotlight - Issue 07 (November 2015)

Spotlight - Issue 06 (July 2015)

Spotlight - Issue 05 (April 2015)

Spotlight - Issue 04 (September 2014)

Spotlight - Issue 03 (June 2014)

Spotlight - Issue 02 (April 2014)

Spotlight - Issue 01 (October 2013)

 Get involved

Please do get in touch if you any comments, success stories or news items for Spotlight. 

 Athena SWAN Newsletter

In April 2016 the NDM Athena SWAN Newsletter was launched to compliment the main NDM Newsletter 'Spotlight' and the circulars that you receive about Athena SWAN news via other routes. The aim is to provide you with a more detailed focus on all things Athena SWAN and to keep you informed of upcoming events, news items, courses and initiavies.

Issues Available:

April 2016 Issue


Get involved

We would greatly appreciate any suggestions for the Newsletter, such as news items, achievements and awards. Please do get in touch with the Athena SWAN Coordinator if you any comments or stories for the NDM Athena SWAN Newsletter. Thank you!