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To add a new image, you first need to add it to the image library

  • Select the page
  • Click Edit
  • Position the cursor in the text where you would like the image to appear
  • Click on Insert/Edit Image
  • Select the relevant file
  • Add a description (helps visually impaired users identify the contents of the image)
  • Select a size and align the image as desired
  • Click Ok
  • Click Save.

Always name your image

The name of an image will be used as a description

Examples of image descriptions:

  • Very bad image description: (blank)
  • Bad image description: Pic of group
  • Good image description: Photograph of the Henry Wellcome Building of Genomic Medicine, showing the building name on the wall near the entrance
  • Good image description: Admissions icon (links to Graduate Studies section of NDM website)


Subjects appearing on a photo need to sign a photo permission form.

Note: the University provides a Model Consent Form, to be used for a photography session


To alter or crop your image

  • Navigate to your image library
  • Select the image that you would like to manipulate
  • This will take you to the original image you previously uploaded
  • Beneath the original image, you will see three different versions of the image scaled to ratios (1x1, 16x9, 16x5)
  • You can crop the images depending on the ratio of your preference
  • To do this, click on edit and crop accordingly
  • Click Crop

If you need to edit a photo/diagram in Photoshop (e.g. cropping a photograph or removing red eyes):

  • Crop to convenient size: 72 pixels/inch; you may reduce the size to a width of 1024 pixels (to reduce the amount of time it takes to upload to NeWT)
  • If you wish to adjust: Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Levels/Contrast/Color
  • Export the edited image using 'Save for Web and Devices' ('JPEG High' for photographs, 'GIF 128 no dither' for diagrams and figures)
  • NeWT will resize the images again prior to display on the web