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Types of pages

Haiku has two types of pages - a web page and a cover page.

Web pages contain a rich text editor which can be accessed through the Edit button in the top left corner.

A cover page allows you to design the page's layout. A cover page contains a layout button and a compose button both of which appear in the top left corner.

Cover Page

Cover Page Layout

To edit a Cover Page's layout:

  • Click on the Layout button which can be found at the top left corner of the page
  • A box will appear on the left of the page and is called drag and drop tiles. This contains different tiles for different uses. For example, a Rich text tile allows you to add some text to your page.

Using the rich text editor

Rich text editor illustration

  1. Paste as plain text function (CTRL+Shift+V)
  2. Starts a new paragraph. Alternatively, press Return
  3. Creates an unordered (bullet point) list
  4. Creates an ordered (numbered) list. Use an ordered list only if the order matters
  5. Adds a link to highlighted text. More on how to add a link to a page
  6. Removes a link
  7. Adds a table
  8. Inserts a row before
  9. Inserts a row after
  10. Deletes a row
  11. Inserts a column before
  12. Inserts a column after
  13. Deletes a column
  14. Splits merged table cells
  15. Merges table cells

 When copying from Word, it is highly recommended to eliminate all previous formatting:

  • Copy the text from a Word document
  • Click on the Paste as Plain text icon
  • Then Paste (CTRL+V) into the text editor

How do I add a table?

  • Select the page
  • Click Edit
  • Click the Insert/edit table button
  • Select the number of rows and columns
  • Click Insert
  • Type in the table's cells
  • Click Save.

How do I add a summary list's item to a page?

How do I add Latest Publication(s) to a page?