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About Our Business Tools

Over the past few years NDM has developed a number of systems and tools to complement
the University of Oxford’s Enterprise Level Systems in order to simplify and improve its operations.  The aim is always to reduce our researchers' and academics' administrative burden in order that their focus remains on research, supervision and teaching. 

Our solutions are developed in response to real issues faced across our units and have recently gained interest from other departments who find themselves faced with the same problems.  NDM would now like to make these solutions available to all University departments with the aim of helping others save time and effort across a range of tasks.

The systems and tools we currently offer are:

  • Haiku - a web-based content management system used to develop the NDM webpages.
  • Pinfox - a researcher information repository.  When used in conjunction with NeWT, Pinfox is used to create researcher profile web-pages.
  • Excellence - a suite of Microsoft Excel based tools used for SRF Costing & Management, and Research Project Management & Reporting.

Other tools currently in development include:

  • OTTER -  a web-based timesheet recording tool developed to be compliant with FP7, H2020, NIH and Home Office reporting requirements.

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Our Tools

Explore some the systems and tools NDM has developed:

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