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An NDM buildingThe NDM occupies over 23,000 sq m of complex laboratory and office space in Oxford and in its overseas units. It continues to expand with over the last few years occupying 4,000 sq m in the ORCRB and with a planned new medical research facility on the Old Road Campus of some 5,000 sq m due to open Q1 2013. Continued occupation, refurbishment, care, maintenance and management of the existing and investment into the new space represent a significant part of the Departmental resources.
Capital Projects

Do you have a Capital Project on the horizon? Don't underestimate the time that needs to be put into these to make them work. The Medical Science Division offers assistance for capital projects, please contact Dr Eveline James.

Specialist assistance includes:

  • Client representation to the University Estates or directly managing small refurbishment works.
  • Working with the University Estates Department to ensure that for any construction work carried out all criteria for Health and Safety including Fire Safety, Blue book and Grey book regulations, mechanical and electrical design philosophy rules etc are met and adhered to.
  • Design and development of laboratory or office plans making sure that academic aspirations and requirements are met on budget and on time.
  • Guidance through the University project set up procedure.

Make sure your building and research space works for you.

Help and advice is also available on the University web pages:

Buildings Management

The Department has many buildings and facilities. Don't work alone and re-invent the wheel. Contact Dr Eveline James for help on leases, facilities management or any aspects of building running and maintenance, it is likely that your problems are not new and assistance can be provided.

Insite FM software is available for NDM space management and space allocation. Contact Jamie Newman for all aspects of Insite FM.

  • Usefully inform your lead academics on research group space and space type occupation.
  • Ensure parity of space and density of occupation and clarity on space recharges.
  • Identify unoccupied accommodation at a glance.

We have now begun the set-up and implementation of the Insite Asset Management Module. We are in the process of creating the database structure and uploading some test data that will allow us to demonstrate the key features of the software. By the end of February we will be contacting each unit to complete a data template; this will be used to capture all the information required for a standard asset register. Each unit will then be expected to return their completed template during April for us to upload in the new system. Once uploaded we will visit departments to give 1:1 training on the use of the software, let us know if you would like to be included!

Provisioning and Replacements Does your Unit own and maintain expensive building plant and equipment that will need replacement or decommissioning? Do you know the items that are your responsibility under the University Grey Book regulations? Make sure that you have these figures to hand and included in your budgets.