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  1. Why haven’t my expenses been paid? If there has been a delay in an expense claim being reimbursed, it might be for one of the following reasons - were all the costs eligible? Were all of the original receipts included with my claim form? Did the full project or general ledger code information get added correctly, and was it appropriately approved by my line manager/budget holder? If my claim was more than 3 months after incurring the expenditure, did I obtain approval from Central Finance? Lack of organisation, forgetfulness or non-awareness of the procedures are not acceptable reasons for delay
  2. Why hasn’t my new supplier account been set up? We are now sending a weekly email to new supplier requestors to let them know what stage their request is at. If you have not received an update, then check the new supplier set up process and follow up with your local contact to see what progress has been made.
  3. Why hasn’t my supplier invoice been paid? If you are being chased by a supplier regarding a payment, and you have sent the invoice to the NDMFT, you should follow up with your NMDFT point of contact. Best practice is that all invoices should be sent from suppliers directly to the NMDFT via the email, but we appreciate that many invoices are sent to the shopper or end user in the first instance. Often delays to paying invoices are due to goods/services have not been receipted in Oracle.
  4. I’ve noticed an incorrect line of expenditure on my transaction report – who should I speak to? You should contact your local administration support team. This might be your Business Manager, Unit Administrator, the Finance Manager or Grants Officer.
  5. I have a new person starting in my research group and I want them to be able to raise requisitions – what do I do? You should contact your local administration support team to initiate Oracle access.
  6. My PI has asked me to book them a business class flight, how can I check if this is eligible on the project code I use? You must refer to the sponsor terms and conditions to check eligability. In exceptional circumstances, where travel in Premium Economy or Business Class is the only practical option, this should be pre-agreed with the Head of Department (or their authorised delegate) prior to travel being booked. Evidence of the agreement should be retained.
  7. I need to travel abroad for work - how does the travel advances work, and when might it be an option? Details about when an advance is appropriate can be found on the Advances page on the Finance website. Your local Finance Manager and/or Business Manager or Unit Administrator can advise you further.
  8. I need to travel abroad for work - how do I arrange travel insurance? Travel insurance is managed by the online system, but before you book any travel, please remind yourself of the information on the University website about what to consider in advance when arranging travel. Your Business Manager or Unit Administrator can advise you about this process, as well as inform you how and when to visit Occupational Health, which is included in the 'Planning a Trip' checklist.
  9. I've been asked to give the University VAT number - what is this? The University of Oxford VAT number is GB 125 5067 30. Further details relating to VAT can be found on the Central Finance VAT web site.
  10. How do I apply for funding from the RCUK Block Grant for Open Access costs? Information can be found on the University Open Access web page.
  11. I want to apply for funding/make a grant application - who should I contact? All grant applications, as well as any changes that need to be made to an existing award, should be disucussed with your Business Manager, Unit Administrator and/or Grants Officer in the first instance. X5 is the University system used to create and amend costsings.