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Who is in charge?

In order to give out a clear and consistent message, one person will be in charge and will sign off individual statements. The University Media Team (01865 280528) should be contacted for advice on handling the situation.

The person in charge will depend on the severity of the situation:

  1. Jamie Newman - for minor storms (01865 287995)
  2. Darren Nash - for more serious storms
  3. Chris Conlon - for full blown storms

Important note: Senior Management will need to be involved - and available!

Who are our stakeholders?

Communication will be sent internally to our key communicators:

  • Business managers
  • Relevant comms officers
  • Alison Brindle
  • Press Office

Use and monitor all possible channels

Ensure our integrity online is not breached

There is the possibility that some people will use this opportunity to try and hack our websites, please involve IT as soon as possible:

  • NDMS web team: Paul Harper
  • WHG IT team: Tim Bardsley - Mark Gibbons - Ruth Porter