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The following information has been put together to ensure that the NDM logo is used consistently across the constituent NDM units.

The NDM logo should be used on all representative communication tools, including brochures, websites, careers advertising and signage (internal and external) that pertain to the activities carried out at the Department.

The logo should never be centred, but may be positioned range left or right, top or bottom. When used next to the University logo, the University logo should always be placed nearest the corner.

The logo and variations

The NDM logo consists of four figures. It traditionally uses Oxford blue (Pantone 282) but is also available in a multi-colour version.

Please click on the logos below for larger versions. These can be used in Word and Powerpoint, but are not suitable for high quality printed material or enlarging.

ndm-white-men-square-96x96.png ndm-white-men-rectangle-162x50.png
square-logo-multi-colour-version-2.jpg rectangle-logo-thumbnail-multi-colour-version-2.jpg
ndm-multi-coloured-men-square-96x96.png ndm-multi-coloured-men-rectangle-162x50.png
ndm-white-men-107x64.png ndm-blue-men-107x64.png


High resolution NDM logo

If you require a high resolution logo, please email us, and we will send you a vector version of the logo.

Powerpoint templates

Powerpoint templates are available with both the rectangular version of the logo, and the square version.

Letterheads and business cards

If you require an NDM letterhead or business cards, please contact us and we will arrange these for you.