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A full risk assessment is required for filming on University premises and it needs to be approved by the Building Safety Officer. Please contact the relevant Building Manager.


Public Liability Insurance is needed for all filming anywhere in Oxford, particularly on University premises. Do not allow any film or production companies onto your premises without liability insurance.

The Public Liability Insurance required by the University varies with location and project; it is usually a minimum of £10-15 million, depending on the possible damage which could be caused during filming. Please check with the University Insurance Team. Liability Insurance for filming within University Colleges might be different, please check with the College.

Freelancers and independent companies need to work within the University's standard terms of reference for supplying service. Under those terms, the University unambiguously retains copyright.

MSD Filming Agreement form.


  • Anyone featured in films will need to sign a contribution form.
  • Legally you must put up signs to inform the public and anyone in the building that filming will be taking place in the area.
  • It is advised that a member of University staff or security accompany the film crew at all times, to ensure they adhere to the guidelines drawn out in your contract.

Institutional Reputation

  • NDM Strategic must be kept informed about where and when the films will be published and released, ensure this is on your contract.
  • Find out the name of the film/program, where it will be viewed (TV/Online/Cinema), audience figures etc.
  • Ensure you know what the content will be. Is it about Oxford, or the Department or is it about something irrelevant? Is it positive or negative?
  • Think about context of things. Will the film reinforce stereotypes about Oxford, how will it affect the general public's perceptions of Oxford or NDM?