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  • Research Requests is a special feature written specifically for team usage. A team member can fill out a research request describing a job assignment or project that needs image selections. Other team members can search and save results to the Research request just as they would be a personal collection and ResourceSpace can keep team members notified of the progress via email.
  • ResourceSpace can support multiple user groups each having access to its own private content library but not to each others.
  • For Administrators ResourceSpace can provide user and resource orientated statistics and reports.

Statistics and Reports

At the top right of the screen go to Team Centre > View Statistics / Reports

Charts can be generated to show activity for groups with the option of specifying months or years you would like to look into.

Reports can be viewed and downloaded showing resources viewed, added, created, sent via email, keywords used in searches and the resources showing the least activity with zero views/downloads.

The reports can be downloaded in CSV format which can be opened in most spreadsheet applications such as OpenOffice Calc, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel etc.