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  • Each collection is persistent; ResourceSpace will not delete it unless you ask it to.
  • Collections can serve as photo albums, work spaces for ongoing projects, or galleries.
  • On a multi-user system you can share collections with team members with read/write or read-only permissions, or you can make them entirely public.
  • You can tag all items in a Collection as related so they will be accessible in a related images search.
  • Click the envelop symbol to bring up a form allowing you to email the whole collection to another user - useful for sending resources to colleagues.

Creating and editing a collection

You can quickly create a new collection by simply typing a name under Create New Collection and filling out the subsequent form.  It is possible to edit these fields at any time so you can manage the collection to suit your needs.  You may choose to add or remove other users, or change visibility from private to public at any time.

Set-up form consists of:

  • Name
  • ID (unique number created by ResourceSpace)
  • Access - Private or public to control access.  Private stops others seeing your collection without your approval whilst public is open to everyone.
  • Attached Users - add others to your collection and it will appear in their own collection panel.  Useful for sharing amongst a specific group of people.


To change a collections visability at any stage go to My Collections and scroll to the right hand side to Edit which will display an access option of Private or Public.