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The Homepage is divided into 3 prominent categories - Themes, My Collections, Help & Advice. 

  • Themes are public groups of images and resources which are most usual in a team environment.
  • My Collections are personal stacks of images that can be easily built and destroyed.
  • Help & Advice contains a PDF User Guide which is available to download and a link to Wikipedia's on-line guide to installing, using and administering ResourceSpace. 
  • The Search Box lets you perform basic content searches on description, keyword, date, file type, number of hits a photo/video has received. The Search Box appears on every page.  The Advanced Search is accessed directly below this panel giving more options to refine your your search.

Finding Resources

The search engine is optimised to search through ALL data attached to each resource.  Typing one or several words will effect the results.  For example searching 'water' may return many resources however searching 'Africa water' will only return resources containing both of these words.

In Advanced Search if you leave a box blank the search engine assumes you do not wish to target any area and leaves it out of the targeted search.  For example leaving the country box blank would accumulate results from ALL countries. 

Help and Advice

For additional support click the Help & Advice tab at the top right to download either a PDF user guide or click on the link to open the on-line guide created by Wikipedia.