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There are four types of user in OTTER:


An employee is anyone who needs to record time spent on certain grants, and therefore needs to submit timesheets. Employees must have one or more employment periods linking them to each grant for a given period of time.


An approver is typically a PI or lead researcher who supervises employees and is therefore able to approve or reject employees' timesheets for certain grants.

Note: If the approver must also record their own time spent on certain grants, they should also be added as an employee with at least one employment period linking them to each grant.


A reviewer is typically a member of the departmental administration team who monitors the timesheets submitted by approvers (PIs) for certain grants.


An administrator is also typically a member of the departmental administration team, and is responsible for adding new grants, employees, approvers and reviewers to OTTER. The administrators also have full access to reporting features and can choose to send reminder emails.