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Accessing the system

Follow the link in your most recent OTTER email (please check your junk mail folder in case it has been mistaken for spam)
Select 'Outstanding Timesheets' from the menu options at the top of the page

A list of the timesheets awaiting your entry is shown.

Entering data

For each timesheet:

Select the Grant - Activity to which you wish to attribute hours from the dropdown list
Press the green plus icon
Enter number of hours in the relevant cells

Activities can be removed by pressing on the appropriate red minus button.

To have a grant or activity added to the dropdown list, click on the email the administrator link at the top of the page.


  • Users should enter their full hours worked for the University with time on non-EU grants added against the activity 'Default non-EU - ALL'.
  • Time must be entered in multiples of half an hour; only numbers are accepted, and days have only 24 hours.

Saving and submitting

  • When finished entering data click the disk icon beneath the timesheet.

OTTER will check the number of hours you are expected to allocate each month. The total number you enter must be between 40% and 250% of this value; otherwise OTTER will not accept your submission.


  • For the current month, you are unable to enter hours for the dates in the future and therefore clicking the disk icon saves the data entered for you to continue on your return.
  • For months in the past clicking the disk icon causes the timesheet to be submitted for approval.
  • If a timesheet has been submitted incorrectly, the relevant approver should be contacted so that they can reject the timesheet.
  • If employed on multiple grants your timesheets will be split by activity and sent to approvers for each grant. Time spent on core activities will be split according to the percentage of your time allocated to each grant. If any part of your timesheet is rejected the whole timesheet will be returned to you and will require resubmission and approval for all grants.