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The finance project dashboard gives you a summary of your active finance projects:

  • Number of finance projects per funding body
  • Award portfolio - hovering on the different sections shows the sponsor
  • Finance project burn rate - percentage time elapsed versus percentage money used.
    We consider that all your finance projects should be within the green zone. Hovering over a finance project will show the sponsor. Clicking on a finance project automatically scrolls down on the page to further information on this specific finance project.

Note: information displayed on the dashboard comes from Oracle. If any data is incorrect, please contact your administrator.

Finance project details

For each finance project you can view a snapshot of the data held in PINFOX. Data comes from Oracle and is updated monthly.

Clicking on a finance projects name will show you a slightly more detailed snapshot of this finance project.

You can go to the page of the funding body by clicking on the link.

Archived finance projects

When a finance project has past its end date we archive it. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to view archived finance projects.