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On the first week of each month:

  1. Under 'Reporting', select 'Finance Project Report', Finance Project status 'active';
    select the End date after (today) and End date before (in 6 months time);
    select the costs centre(s) and click 'Generate Finance Project Report'
  2. Open the report (in Excel), and save it as Excel worksheet on the server 
    N:\ndms\OPERATIONS PROJECTS\PINFOX\Updates - Finance Projects\updates year\month
    Add Cost Centres to the file's name

Send the spreadsheet to the unit finance project administrators; please send spreadsheets using the email account. For Experimental Medicine (HB) please only use the generic email address For ORCRB Grants (HC) please only use the generic email address

Send an email in the line of 'Figures have been updated in PINFOX for all Cost Centre finance projects. For your information, please find attached the list of finance projects ending within 6 months.' Subject line suggestion: 'PINFOX finance project update for month year'