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Your profile is organised in blocks, each block is editable separately.


  • The ‘Edit' button is located at the top right hand corner of each section
  • Fields with a yellow star are compulsory


You can change your title, forename, middle initials and surname.

You can choose one or several suffixes that will appear after your name.

Email address

When editing, you can:

  • Change your email address: ‘Edit' icon
  • Add a new email address: ‘Add email'
  • Change the order of email addresses: arrows ‘Up' and ‘Down'.
  • Delete an email address: ‘Delete' icons.

Users details

You can change your PINFOX username, password and SSO username

  • PINFOX username is used in the dropdown list when login in PINFOX
  • SSO username is used for Symplectic, and will be used for PINFOX in the future

Twitter username

All staff and students who use social media to communicate professionally should follow our social media guidelines.