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To improve the transparency of the Department’s general research activities, the Department’s website contains a brief introduction for each Group Head and Senior Research Scientist.

The NDM website displays a brief profile, information about their research (including figures), a list of collaborators and key publications, and potential DPhil projects. In order to facilitate sharing of key technologies, we also include major technology platforms each group uses. The data published there is stored in a database called PINFOX, that stands for Principal Investigator INFOrmation OXford.

PINFOX profile can be updated via the University Intranet

Each PI can also view a dashbord that displays a snapshot of all their active finance projects along with the number of finance projects per funding body, an award portfolio and the finance projects burn rate. Finance projects information is extracted from Oracle and updated weekly. This information is only visible to each PI, and is not visible on any website profiles.

Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact our web team. We can offer you a 10 min surgery to demonstrate how to use PINFOX.