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This SOP is aimed at users with departmental access who can access all PINFOX profiles.
Indidividual users can also print their own leaflet, that is created and amended in InDesign.

Make sure that your computer has the University fonts (Foundry Sterling); if not, click on 'Download Fonts' (at the bottom of the PINFOX PI profile page), open the files and install each font in turn.

At the bottom of the PI profile page in PINFOX:

  • Select the Leaflet Series type & template
  • Click 'Download data', save it on your computer and extract the files 
  • Open 'pi-pdf-template.indd' in InDesign
  • Install the script in InDesign (you have to do this step only once):
    • Click Window -> Utilities -> Scripts
    • Right-click on 'User' and select 'reveal in explorer'
    • Add the file 'pi-pdf-script.jsx' (from the extracted files) in the Script folder
  • In Window -> Utilities -> Scripts -> Users, open 'pi-pdf-script.jsx' and navigate to the .xml extracted file - this automatically populates the leaflet
  • Edit the leaflet as needed (resize images) and export as PDF (print)
  • Send the PDF proof to the PI for them to check
  • Print on appropriate paper with the highest settings