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Printed media section on PINFOX allows you to create a leaflet for use at public engagement events or for graduate recruitment.

Leaflet content

Click on 'Edit Printed Media'

Fill in the three fields (120-150 words per field):

  • What's the general problem you work on and why is it important?
  • What's been your most important discovery/contribution to date?
  • How are you tackling the problem today?

All other information is populated automatically from your PINFOX profile, please ensure your profile is up to date (title, name, photo, group, location, research area, field of work, first three collaborators, first two weblinks, first dozen of publications)

Ordering a leaflet

Please email NDM Strategic to order your leaflet:

  • Tell us which option from the 'Leaflet Series' dropdown list most closely fits your research:
    • Cancer Biology
    • Genetics & Genomics
    • Protein Science & Structural Biology
    • Immunology & Infectious Disease
    • Tropical Medicine & Global Health
  • Select the purpose of your leaflet, either Graduate Studies or Public Engagement. This slightly changes the text appearing on the leaflet, including introduction & weblink (see below).
  • Specify how many copies you wish to receive
  • Let us know if there is a deadline when the leaflet needs to be ready

We will send you a PDF proof for you to check before we print it.

Text appearing on a Graduate Studies leaflet

The NDM is committed to the on-going support of its students, at graduate level and beyond. A thriving learning and working environment, advanced training, and skills development opportunities, enable our students to reach the highest standards of research. One of the notable features of NDM’s student body is the wide range of cultural backgrounds it represents; this diversity has made a positive contribution to the environment within the Department.

Four-year NDM Prize Studentships are principal fully funded awards, open to outstanding candidates from any country. This Prize Studentship allows students to carry out research in a single laboratory for a full four years. Additionally the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme a four-year doctoral programme that allows students to undertake a collaborative project between NDM and the NIH intramural campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

With a link to our Graduate Studies pages.

Text appearing on a Public Engagement leaflet

The NDM is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and the positive impact of its research on the health and wellbeing of the global community. Reaching out to the wider community, through public engagement, is an increasingly important component of medical research. In addition, the societal and economic impact of medical research is fast becoming an integral part of research assessment.

As a signatory to Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research the NDM is committed to the following four principles:

  1. Taking a strategic approach to public engagement
  2. Recognising researcher involvement in public engagement
  3. Enabling researchers to participate in public engagement
  4. Undertaking regular reviews of the wider research sector’s progress in fostering public engagement across the UK.

With a link to our Outreach pages.