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PINFOX imports publications that have been selected as a favourite in Symplectic, and displays them in your profile.

You select a publication as favourite in Symplectic, by clicking on the small heart symbol on the right hand side of each publication. Favourite publications are marked with a red heart. We suggest that you select 8-10 favourite publications. To unmark a publication as favourite, please visit our page how to  update your list of favourite publications.

Your PINFOX profile will show publications in two tabs: one for favourite publications, and one for all publications.

Please note that the importer runs every night. You might have to wait up until 24 hours to view changes in PINFOX.

More information on Symplectic

As part of its preparations for the Research Excellence Framework, and to improve its management of research information, the University selected the Symplectic publications management system.
The Head of NDM, has agreed to its implementation and Symplectic is now available to all researchers in the department.

Symplectic is a web based publications management system. It records articles, books, conferences, patents etc. Records are updated fortnightly: Symplectic uses search settings to find publications within a number of online databases, including Web of Science, PubMed and Scopus.

Symplectic is flexible, it is possible to:

  • expand or narrow down the search settings
  • add manually a publication
  • nominate a delegate

For more information, see our Symplectic SOP pages, or contact Symplectic.