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If you are a system administrator, you will have additional access rights to allow you to create new users and resources, or edit any existing booking.

How to Add a User

You can add a new user, or edit an existing user profile, by clicking on the User list link located beneath the Log On/Log Off button, and clicking the Add a new user button.

When adding a new user you will be required to select their access rights, one of the following must be selected:

  • Admin - Allows editing rights for users, resources, and bookings.
  • User - Allows bookings to be made.
  • None - Temporarily remove access rights without removing user.

The Name field is both the user's username and booking reference name. You will also be asked to create a password for the user.

How to Add an Area

The Room link allows areas and resources to be added to the system.

Areas can be used in larger buildings to reduce the number of rooms visible on the calendar. At least one area must be entered into the system in order to create bookable resources. To add a new area, type a name in the Add Area text box and click the Add Area button. Areas can also be edited or deleted using the buttons adjacent to the area name.

How to Add a Room

To add a room, select the desired area in which to create the room and complete the Add Room section of the page. Additional details can be added afterwards using the Pencil icon adjacent to the room name.