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Open Symplectic and sign in with your Oxford Single Sign-on

Under 'Elements', 'Publications', click 'Pending'

For each publication in turn, either:

  • 'Claim' - and deposit the Author Accepted Manuscript if Symplectic prompts you to
  • 'Reject' and the publication will be moved to the tab 'Nor mine'


  • When several authors  have "equal contribution" to a publication, their order can differ
  • There might be a discrepancy in the title (e.g. British English title in an American Journal)


  • Symplectic presents you with 10 publications on a page, you can extend this to 25, 50 or 100 results per page.
  • It might be faster to check all publications on a page before either approving or declining them: tick all relevant boxes then select either 'Claim' or 'Reject' at the top of the page.

Note: updates might take a while to appear on your Symplectic account (for example profile histogram or publication order), up to several hours in extreme cases; if you fail to see updates, please check again the next day.