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Under 'Elements', select 'Publications'. Apply filters if needed (author, title, journal, dates):

  • Select the filter options, then click on 'Filter' at the bottom of the tab
  • Tick the box 'Select all on page' (you might want to adjust the number of results per page)
  • Click on 'Export' and select the format

How to get a list of pending publications

  • Impersonate a PI
  • Under 'Elements', 'Publications', select the tab of 'Pending' publications
  • There is a button 'Export' (BibTex, ReferenceManager/EndNote, PDF or Word) just above the list of publications

How to get the list of favourite publications

  • select the tab 'Profile'; at the bottom of the page is a table that displays the most recent publication
  • select the middle tab 'favourite' to view favourite publications.

To unmark a publication as favourite:

  • click on the publication's title
  • in the left-hand panel click on the Action 'Unmark ad Favourite'.