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PINFOX report

Run a PI report for SSO only

  • Under 'Reporting', 'PI Report', select Detail level = Summary; PI status = all; NDM status = all
  • Keep only the column G 'Single sign-on'; remove all blanks

Symplectic report

Run Approval Counts report:

  • Under 'Home' select 'Reporting' and 'Basic reports'
  • Under 2, select group = NDM; under 4.ii, select report = 'Approval counts [CSV/Excel]'
  • Keep columns titled name; username; email; primary group descriptor; pending; claimed; rejected
  • Save as .xlsx on the N drive (groups/ndms/OPERATIONS PROJECTS/Symplectic/Reports/Reports 2017/)

Pending publications for NDM PIs

Run Symplectic check

  • Open 'CHECKING TEMPLATE - 201115.xlsx' (N:\ndms\OPERATIONS PROJECTS\Symplectic\Report checking)
  • Copy the Approval Counts report from Symplectic in the first tab
  • Copy PINFOX SSO report in the second tab; make sure that all SSOs have ‘CHECK’ in column B
  • In the first tab, sort 'Status' and keep 'CHECK' only

Total values for Pending, Claimed and Rejected publications appear above the columns and can be pasted in Symplectic update summary (N:\ndms\OPERATIONS PROJECTS\Symplectic\Reports)