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Symplectic provides various types of reports. The most relevant for us are

  • Approval Counts gives a summary of the number of pending, approved and declined publications for each PI within the Department
  • Publication Summary is most useful for one PI only
  • Delegates lists users with a 'Delegate' access, i.e. they manage a PI's account
  • H-index is promissing but doesn't seem to be working yet

Note: reports are provided as .csv and open in Excel; you might want to save them as .xlsx

How to run an Approval Count report

  • Select Group (2): under Oxford > Medical Sciences Division, tick 'NDM'
  • Select Filters (3): If you wish to include former members of the Department, tick 'Include non-current users'
  • Choose report: Users and usage (4.ii): Select 'Approval Counts' and save as Excel worksheet

How to get a list of publications for a PI

  • Select Users (1): Type in the name and select the user
  • Select Filters (3): You might want to restrict the dates
  • Choose report (4.ii): Select 'Approved Publication Types'

How to get the list of deposited publications for the department

  • Select Group (2): under Oxford > Medical Sciences Division, tick 'NDM'
  • Choose report: Data extract (4.i): tick 'Display all fields'

This will provide you with a large report; deposited publication will show 'unknown' in the column CD 'Item status in Oxford Research Archive' (i.e. Symplectic doesn't know if the item is embargoed or Open access, but we know that a file has been uploaded)
This allows to identify which users have or have not deposited publications.