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Outreach & Impact

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Engaging the public with research helps empower people, broadens attitudes to academic research, and ensures that the work we do is relevant to society and its wider social concerns. Establishing a dialogue between researchers and the public means that society can benefit more fully from research outputs.

The Nuffield Department of Medicine is committed to creating a culture where public engagement is an important and essential part of research. NDM Strategic is dedicated to supporting its researchers in actively engaging with the public, as well as ensuring everyone in the Department is aware of the options available to them for translating research into impact.

To find out more about research impact, or any upcoming public engagement events supported by NDM, please contact NDM Strategic. See our summary document outlining the events that we plan and support throughout the year, and the resources and training we offer.

How can I get involved?

As well as providing training and support to develop your own activities, NDM Strategic have several activities that can be adapted to suit your needs. These include our gene tree, DNA bracelets, DNA extraction and virus wristband games. See the full list of our available resources.

If you are interested in finding out more about the support that the Nuffield Department of Medicine can offer you with public engagement activities, are interested in volunteering at our next event, or have an opportunity that you think we might be interested in, please email NDM Strategic.

The NDM Book

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Public engagement

Public engagement is a broad term for a range of activities that connect the general public with research and researchers. Some examples of the public engagement activities that the Nuffield Department of Medicine has carried out include: podcasts, open days, taking part in local and national science festivals, involvement with schools, talks and seminars and research campaigns. Our scientists regularly tweet from our @NDMScience twitter account, providing an insight in to life as a researcher in the Department.

What public engagement opportunities are there?

See the list of local events that we plan and support throughout the year. Have a look our list of upcoming outreach events to find out what we're working on right now. You can also read about past events or take a look at our image gallery to see examples of our activites.