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On the 5th of November, four members of the SGC went to the Diamond Light Source open day where they spoke to members of the public going on tours of the facility.

strubiatdiamond Armed with activities, models and computer displays they were able to talk about the work that the SGC does in the field of structure based drug discovery; putting the research into context and explaining the problems associated with developing new medicines as well as explaining how important the diamond light source is to their research. Over 100 people visited during the open day ranging in age from young children to retired visitors. It was a fun day enjoyed by both the visitors and by the SGC staff who had a chance to look around backstage at Diamond themselves as well as talking about the work done by the SGC at the facility.


"My main reason for visiting today was my interest in the physics and engineering of the source itself rather than the research at the beam lines.  I found it fascinating and extremely informative.

I was just as exited by the demonstrations in the main atrium.  Being a physics and hardware buff and not usually interested in the ‘squishy’ science of biology I was nevertheless really impressed with x-ray crystallography work on proteins.  The young lady running the demonstration was so informative that I think that I have become a closet biologist (at the atomic structure level, of course and still not the squishy end of that discipline).

So, once again thank you for a most entertaining and informative morning."