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artinglobalsciencewellcometrust.jpegIn March 2012 Viet Nam based artist, Lêna Bùi, began her Wellcome Trust funded, Art in Global Health Residency at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City. During this residency Bùi explored research into infectious disease, focusing specifically on zoonosis and the relationship between animals and people. The Art in Global Health residencies link six artists to six Wellcome Trust-funded research centres around the globe.

The aim for the programme is to not only bring art and science together, but also to “tease out the personal, philosophical, cultural and political dimensions of health research”.

Lêna Bùi spoke to the Wellcome Trust about her motivations as an artist:

“I like to collect stories, true or mythical, and weave them into my own narratives. These combined stories are portrayed through mixed media that serve to question and explore changes in lifestyle and perception in a community over time.”

This successful residency concluded with a final exhibition, Voracious Embrace: The human/animal interface, which was held at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum between the 1–14 November 2012, in partnership with Sàn Art, a local artist-run exhibition space.

For more information about the Art in Global Health Programme, and Lena's work visit the Wellcome Trust Art in Global Health website.