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Find An Expert Database

The Nuffield Department of Medicine recognizes the importance of working with the media. Writers, documentary makers or journalists wishing to talk to a specialist are encouraged to use the University Expert Database. Find An Expert connects members of the media with Oxford University academics.

The University News & Information Office aim to provide journalists with a cross-section of potential commentators who are not only distinguished researchers, but who are good communicators who are willing to speak as authorities in their particular areas of interest and expertise.

Are you a Researcher interested in getting involved in media work? You might consider joining Find An Expert. Your entry will provide details of your research interests and expertise, together with a telephone and email contact. You can also include information on your experience with the media, recent publications and other relevant information, as well as links to your departmental or college website. If you haven’t done media work before, the Press Office can give you advice on how to prepare for interviews.
If you would like to join the database, please complete the application form and return in to the Press Office.

There is, of course, no obligation to respond to every request from the media and your details can be removed from the list at any point.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact the Press Office or call them on 01865 280528.