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Are you looking to introduce your research to the broader public?

See our summary document for the most current list of opportunities. See also Upcoming Outreach Events page or contact the NDM Strategic outreach team to find out more: we are always looking for NDM researchers and volunteers to help out.

Here are few of the of the other public engagement avenues available to our researchers:

Oxford ScienceGrrl chapter

ScienceGrrl provides a voice for women in science nationally and tackle the under-representation of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The Oxford ScienceGrrl Chapter aims to bring science to the next generation at a local level by engaging with the community through both independent action and partnerships with existing STEM programmes. To get involved, please visit the Oxford ScienceGrrl website.

Inspiring the future

Inspiring the Future is a free service that matches schools with people who are willing to talk about their career. It’s a very simple system - you sign up, say what you do and where you’re based; schools can then log in, see who’s available to talk, and send them a message directly. 
By signing up you pledge to do one hour a year (which can also be counted as PE work for us, too). They also have a programme specifically for women to talk to girls in state schools about the route they took to get their job.

Become a STEM Ambassador!

STEM ambassadors Illuminating Futures

We will be setting up recruitment sessions for scientists to join the nationwide STEM Ambassadors scheme. You will receive a valid CRB check and access to a network of opportunities to work with public audiences and schools throughout our STEMNet area. One activity a year is enough to remain active on the Ambassadors register. Our STEMNet contact point is Science Oxford, who can help with training and activities if you're new to engagement. If you're interested, let us know.

Have a public engagement idea?

If you are already taking part in public engagement, please contact NDM Strategic to ensure your activities are recorded and promoted effectively, or contact us if you would like to share your own engagement ideas.