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Every year, the Oxford Preservation Trust gives the public a glimpse behind the closed doors of many Oxford buildings, in a weekend when we celebrate the city, its places, spaces and most of it its people. Dr Charvy Narain and Professor Benedikt Kessler are interviewed in this video.

Oxford Open Doors

Oxford opens its doors on the 12th and 13th September 2015.

Try some hands-on science at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, where our scientists are developing vaccines for malaria and HIV, working out ways to treat cancer with personalised medicine, and uncovering the history hidden in the genes of the British people. We'll also be opening the doors to the Target Discovery Institute, where researchers investigate potential drug targets for diseases ranging from AIDS and autoimmune diseases to kidney stones.

Our researchers

Dr Charvy Narain, Scientific Outreach Manager, coordinates the departement's public outreach efforts, including Open Doors. Professor Benedikt Kessler, Professor of Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry, regularly leads of the Target Discovery Institute during this event.

Outreach podcasts

Understanding great research doesn't have to be confusing. In this series of podcasts, our researchers explain what they get up to for a general audience.