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The event took place on Saturday 10th September 2016, 10am-4pm. NDM Research Building on Old Road Campus. Despite the terrible rain, nearly 100 people came to visit the science fair, hear Professor Nick Day's talk on eliminating malaria or look around the Target Discovery Institute on guided tours. 

Science Fair

open-doors-16The science fair had lots of fun, hands on activities including making DNA out of lego,  trying on personal protective equipment, a fun ELISA pipetting red cabbage indicator,  a ball pit for cancer immunotherapy, looking  through gunge to find the cells, testing out your lungs with ping pong table football, build a mosquito and more. The event was free and designed to appeal to tiny toddlers through to teenagers. 


For those people interested in hearing about life as a scientist, there was the opportunity to take a rare peek in to the Target Discovery Institute, where scientists are trying to develop new ways of treating diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's and asthma. The scientists who led the tours shared facts about the building, showed some of the equipment they use everyday and answered questions about what it is like to be a scientist. 


12pm - Professor Nick Day: "Eliminating Malaria: Trials and Tribulations". The took was well-attended with more than 40 people in the audience