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Professor Peter Horby, who was recently awarded a UK Government Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa for his role in fighting the 2015 Ebola outbreak, talks about the history and science of Ebola.

This public lecture was given as part of Oxford Open Doors, on the 12th September 2015.

This talk describes the experience of conducting scientific research in the middle of an outbreak of one of the world's most lethal diseases, and the challenges of ensuring sound clinical trials in countries with limited health resources.

Peter Horby

Outbreak research

Peter Horby is Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases. His research focusses on epidemic diseases such as Ebola and bird flu, and crosses the disciplines of basic science, medical science and public health.

Emerging infectious diseases

Research on emerging infectious diseases such as Influenza, SARS or Ebola, can only be conducted during outbreaks. Although virology has improved, a well calibrated and effective public health response is often lacking. Epidemiological and clinical research as well as mathematical modelling will give us answers during the epidemics and help us provide better diagnostics and better treatments.

Watch an interview with Professor Peter Horby telling us about his research on emerging infectious diseases.