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The Nuffield Department of Medicine recognises that public engagement is vital in order to educate, inform and build a relationship with the community. Our scientists are actively engaging in open discussion, and meeting people to debate, listen and learn.

The following questions were eagerly discussed and debated during our recent series of lectures at Science Oxford Live:

  • I wanted to comment about the publication of negative findings. Have you been involved? What is your view on this? How quickly do you think it will happen?
  • I just want to make a point about this shifting of our R&D infrastructure into markets like China or India. I think one of the big deals is actually access to top-notch scientists.
  • In regards to what you were saying about people reacting differently to a drug; that must mean that for a long time doctors have been prescribing things that don't work, and nobody's admitted it? Is that right? Because we are all so very different?
  • Have you really got a model for how this ought to work? It sounds as if you've got a lot of the right ideas.

Our series of evening lectures at Science Oxford Live, as part of the Healthy Season in spring 2013, received excellent feedback. We are grateful to all our speakers: Dr Julian Knight, Professor Tim Key, Professor Adrian Hill & Dr Simon Draper, Professor Chas Bountra & Professor Stefan Knapp, and Dr Dianne Newbury.

For more information, visit our Public Engagement pages.

Evening lecture series

Science Oxford Live

Our series of evening lectures at Science Oxford Live, as part of the Healthy Season in spring 2013, was a great success. We are grateful to all of our speakers: Dr Julian Knight (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics), Professor Tim Key (Cancer Epidemiology Unit), Professor Adrian Hill and Dr Simon Draper (Jenner Institute), Professor Chas Bountra and Professor Stefan Knapp (Structural Genomics Consortium), and Dr Dianne Newbury (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics) for contributing to five memorable evenings. Initial feedback from Science Oxford, based on audience evaluation forms, have shown that these lectures were remarkably well attended, and popular with the local community. The overall audience satisfaction for these lectures was very high, and most attendees reported that after having been to our lectures, they now have a better understanding and appreciation for the work of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Although Science Oxford is in the process of relocating from its current premises in St Clements, NDM will continue to work closely with the Science Oxford team to organise lectures and public outreach programmes. If you are interested in organising or giving a lecture or informal talk, please contact us at NDM Strategic for more information.