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cancer cell close up

World cancer day

2017: Interview Professor Xin Lu
2017: Interview Professor Simon Leedham

woman being vaccinated

World tuberculosis day

2015: Interview Professor Guy Thwaites
2015: A new way to administer TB vaccines
2014: Interview Professor Helen McShane

Close up of a cell

World health day

2015:Interview Dr Daniel Wilson
2014: Interview Professor Nick Day

Child being immunized

World immunization week

2015: Interview Dr Katie Ewer
2015: Interview Professor Simon Draper
2014: Interview Professor Adrian Hill
2014: Interview Professor Sarah Gilbert


World malaria day

2016: Event Combatting malaria
2015: App The Lifecycle of Malaria
2015: Interview Dr Sumi Biswas
2014: Interview Professor Nick White
Podcast Malaria drug resistance and genomics
Artemisinin resistance - threats and responses

cigarette snapped in half

World no tobacco day

2015: Sir Richard Doll (1912-2005)
2014: Interview Professor Ling-Pei Ho

blood vessels

World blood donor day

2015: Interview Professor Arjen Dondorp
2014: Interview Professor John Frater


World hepatitis day

2017: WHO hepatitis day 2017
2016: Severe hepatitis: A personal story
2014: Interview Professor Paul Klenerman

blood sample

World AIDS day

2014: Interview Professor Lucy Dorrell
2014: HIV: A personal story