How to add a new PI

Check if the person is already in PINFOX

If the PI is already in PINFOX, either as a collaborator, as a co-supervisor for DPhil projects or as an additional contact for a financial project, make a note of all information, then delete the profile.

Once the PI has been set up, make sure to update all relevant PI profiles, DPhil projects and financial projects.

Request a Symplectic account

If the PI doesn't have an account in Symplectic, request a new account:

Add a new PI profile page in PINFOX

Add an email address

More than one email addresses can be added in.

Note: only the first email address will appear on the profile page; when resetting the password, the new password will be sent to the first email address.

Add a PI profile

Add User's details

Contact the new PI

A draft email is saved on the server (N:\ndms\OPERATIONS PROJECTS\PINFOX\PINFOX LAUNCH). There are two versions of this emails

Once the profile page is updated

When the PI has confirmed that they've updated their profile, check that nothing major is missing and publish the profile, either full NDM profile (available on main departmental and other websites) or unit-only (available on unit website only).