How do I add an image in a page?

To add a new image, you first need to add it to an asset folder

Note: For best layout of the page, position the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and select 'left align' or 'right align' as image alignment.

Images as links

The 'name' of an image will be used as description

Examples of image descriptions:

How do I add an image that will popup on top of the page contents?

To add a link to an image that will popup on top of the page contents, you first need to add the image to an asset folder

ExampleBook a Resource page on the NDM website


Subjects appearing on a photo need to sign a photo permission form.

Note: the University provides a Model Consent Form, to be used for a photography session


NeWT automatically resizes images for display on the web, and attempts to minimise file size to support slow connections whilst maintaining an acceptable image quality.

NeWT adjustment:

If you need to edit a photo/diagram in Photoshop (e.g. cropping a photograph or removing red eyes):

Note: you can ask NeWT to crop an image to a different size, by adding /crop/height-pixels/width-pixels to the file, for example: asset/image/photo.jpeg/crop/300/100. It is also possible to 'fit' or 'fill' an image this way.