Ally Olotu

Graduate Research Prize Winners 2013

Ally Olotu

I joined the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research programme in 2005 as a research clinician working within several clinical studies of malaria pathogenesis.

In 2006, I won a WHO/TDR career development fellowship in  malaria vaccine development and spent a year at GSKBiologicals in Rixensart, Belgium and WHO/TDR head quarters in Geneva, Switzerland. I received “on-the-job” training on malaria vaccine research and development and clinical trials management. I was also involved in coordinating two malaria vaccine trials in West Africa and played a role in the development of clinical trial  protocols and standard operating procedures.

When I returned to Kenya, I became a co-principal investigator in  a multi-centre trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of a candidate malaria vaccine and participated in setting up a clinical trial facility which provided support to the trial.  After the end of the industry-sponsored study we initiated an investigator-led extension under the supervision of Dr Philip Bejon. This extension study formed the basis of my DPhil work which started in 2010.

My main contribution has been an investigation of the long term efficacy of a candidate malaria vaccine (RTS,S) in young children living in a malaria endemic country. I also described the interaction between the vaccine efficacy and malaria exposure which has implications for where the vaccine is deployed. In addition I have studied immunological markers of vaccine efficacy and of naturally-acquired infection.

Before my DPhil I had practical experience of clinical research but no background in the rationale or underlining epidemiology.  My DPhil work has given me an opportunity to develop an analytical approach and to learn to identify the important questions in clinical studies and design studies to answer.  I have continued support from the Wellcome Trust for a career development year after the successful defense of my DPhil that I will use to plan the next stage of my career in clinical research.



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