Immunology in Oxford

Professor Sir Andrew McMichael

HIV vaccines


Professor Sir Andrew McMichael obtained a PhD in Immunology at NIMR supervised by Ita Askonas and Alan Williamson in 1974. Since 1987 he has studied the T cell response to HIV, with a particular interest in virus escape from T cell recognition.

For the last five years he has focussed on HIV vaccines. His group have designed and tested two candidate HIV vaccines in phase I clinical trials. His group has also been involved in developing novel methods for measuring T cell responses, such as HLA tetramer staining. Professor McMichael is currently testing a series of T-cell boosting vaccines to determine if they can replace traditional drug treatments in preventing or controlling HIV.

Andrew McMichael: Some final words

Professor Sir Andrew McMichael speaks about his early days in Oxford, working in immunology.

With a touch of humour he compares the tools available to immunologist in 1971 with today's technology. He also explains how immunology progressed from explaining phenomena to molecular immunology.