ATOM Science Festival 2015

Oxfordshire Science Festival, 21st March, Abingdon

virus game

NDM was proud to be a Principal Partner of the 2015 Oxfordshire Science Festival and took part in a number of events during the festival with fun activities for all the family. One of these events was ATOM! Science Fair - an interactive science fair with hands-on-activities for all ages. NDM had two stalls at the event demonstrating some of the science happening within the Department through fun table-top activities.

Although it was a chilly day the NDM stalls the festival had a really good turnout. There were several hundred visitors over the course of the day to the NDM stalls. The cell colouring sheets were so popular that we ran out an hour before the end and the chocolate flu game was a big hit with children of all ages. Their enthusiasm for the game may have had a lot to do with the small chocolate egg reward for getting the questions right.

DNA bracelets

DNA bracelets were as popular as ever with children grasping the basic concepts of DNA structure through making bright (or glittery) bracelets using 4 colours of beads.

Overall the day was hugely successful and we are grateful for the help of all the volunteers who ran the stall over the course of the day. Their enthusiasm for science was clearly infectious (just like our cuddly microbes...)