Crossing Boundaries 2014

Ben Tsofa

Dr Ben Tsofa examines the effects of political decentralisation in Kenya, on sub-national level health sector governance and accountability.

Crossing boundaries

Africa – Oxford health systems research collaboration

Researchers from Europe and Africa gathered in Oxford on the 27th and 28th February 2014 to share knowledge on health systems research, economics and governance in health management.

The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust research programme

The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme is a major Wellcome Trust’s overseas programmes. Its work has had a major influence on national and international health policy. Research spans a wide variety of topics and disciplines including research on malaria and bacterial and viral infectious diseases, work to map disease risk and intervention coverage and work on research ethics and health systems strengthening.

Ben Tsofa: Devolution and planning in Kenya

Ben examines the effects of political decentralization in Kenya. His talk touches on sub-national level health sector governance and accountability. Ben presents a brief history of devolution in Kenya including the struggle for a new constitution and how this may have a future impact on delivery of quality health care. He observes that with ongoing decentralization i.e. with the new county system in place after Kenya passed a new constitution in 2010, there is a potential for improving community participation and accountability in management of public resources in Kenya through the county system.