Confirmation of DPhil Status

The purpose of the confirmation procedure is to determine once more whether adequate progress has been made since Transfer of Status and to ascertain whether or not the student will be in a position to submit for examination within the expected timeframe, which is 4 years. A student who has transferred to DPhil Status must apply for Confirmation of Status by the eight, or at the latest ninth term after admission as a graduate student.

For details of this process, please refer to the Medical Sciences Graduate School WebLearn pages.

Outline of the Steps for Confirmation of Status:

1. Student and supervisor fill in the GSO14.MSD form (click the 'Confirmation of status' link at the top of the page)

A supervisor cannot act as one of the assessors (this regulation was changed in MT 2014).  The assessors must include one person who has supervised a D.Phil to completion. The assessors would normally be internal (to the university).  In exceptional cases where an external perspective would be more beneficial, an assessor external to the university can be nominated.

2. The form is signed by the college and the Director for Graduate Studies (DGS).

3. Once the form is signed, the Graduate Studies Manager will email the supervisor and the student to confirm that the confirmation of status can go ahead.

4. The supervisor sends the guidance notes and the assessment form to the assessors, and the student sends the relevant documents to them.

5. The student makes a presentation, with the assessors in the audience. The presentation could be part of a regular seminar series/group meeting/away day or a specifically-arranged talk -  exact arrangements will depend on the unit the student is based in (if uncertain, please check with your graduate advisors)
If the presentation is specifically arranged then the student should aim to speak for 20-30 minutes.

6. The presentation will then be followed by a discussion in a separate room, in private with only the student and assessors present. The discussion will be about the plans for the submission of their thesis, and this discussion usually lasts around an hour.

7. Assessors complete the assessment form (and a report if required) and return it along with the GSO14.MSD form to the Graduate Studies Manager, who will pass it onto the Divisional Office.