David Eyre

Graduate Research Prize Winners 2013

David Eyre

I studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and then in Oxford, and am currently a specialist registrar in infectious diseases and medical microbiology. My DPhil involved use of bacterial whole genome sequencing and large epidemiological databases to investigate transmission of Clostridium difficile. By sequencing of over 1200 sequential Oxfordshire C. difficile isolates over a 3.6 year period, I was able to show that only a minority of infections are acquired from other cases and most infections arise from a genetically diverse reservoir. This challenged the previous assumption that most cases arise from secondary spread in hospitals, and therefore has implications for the control and prevention of C. difficile infection in future. 

I will shortly be taking up an Academic Clinical Lecturer post with the Nuffield Department of Medicine. My research interests are focused on quantitative epidemiological studies of infectious diseases, that answer questions of broad relevance to the health of populations in the UK, and globally. I am particularly interested in understanding factors that drive the spread of infections, and understanding and optimizing intervention strategies. The ultimate outcome of such work is to guide effective control of infection at the level of individual patients, within institutions, and at a public health policy level. 


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