Doctoral Projects

A wide variety of doctoral projects are available for students applying to the NDM. A full list of projects for 2018/19 entry will be made available by the end of October 2017.


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A comprehensive computational platform to improve liquid biopsies for cancer detection (reference number 961) Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin Song, Chunxiao
A comprehensive computational platform to improve liquid biopsies for cancer detection (reference number 962) Song, Chunxiao Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin
A dengue vaccine using genetically engineered viruses expressing transgenes designed using bioinformatics algorithms. (reference number 371) Reyes-Sandoval, Arturo Lopez-Camacho, Cesar
A development of novel P. vivax malaria vaccine candidates using recombinant proteins and genetically modified malaria parasites (reference number 370) Reyes-Sandoval, Arturo
A new P. vivax malaria vaccine using recombinant viruses expressing pre-erythrocytic transgenes. (reference number 369) Reyes-Sandoval, Arturo
A novel method to study the three dimensional organisation of the genome during DNA replication (reference number 765) Green, Catherine Tomlinson, Ian
Accelerating progress to personalised medicine in infectious disease using genomics (reference number 824) Knight, Julian Hill, Adrian
Alterations in HIV-specific T cell function during acute and early infection (reference number 858) Borrow, Persephone Peppa, Dimitra and Dong, Tao
An investigation into a novel human immunodeficiency syndrome (reference number 487) Cornall, Richard Anzilotti, Consuelo
Analysing genetic heterogeneity through single-cell genomics (reference number 795) Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin Kriaucionis, Skirmantas Lu, Xin
Antibiotic resistance in Tuberculosis: Predicting de novo the effect of individual genetic mutations. (reference number 872) Walker, (Ann) Sarah Fowler, Philip
Antigen presentation from malaria infected liver cells – identifying better CD8+ T cell antigens (reference number 865) Spencer, Alexandra Hill, Adrian
Antigen processing of HIV for presentation by HLA-E (reference number 957) Borrow, Persephone Gillespie, Geraldine McMichael, Andrew
Ascertaining HIV-1 entry in primary cells using advanced imaging approaches (reference number 823) Padilla-Parra, Sergi can Citizen Scientists help improve the classification of bacterial growth in antibiotic susceptibility testing? (reference number 955) Fowler, Philip and Clifton, David and Walker, (Ann) Sarah
Biomarkers of the HIV reservoir and remission in primary HIV infection (reference number 933) Frater, John
Brachyury, a transcription factor driving the rare cancer chordoma: mechanism and therapeutic potential (reference number 965) Gileadi, Opher
Carbonic anhydrase IX in hepatitis B virus associated hepatocellular carcinoma: a bio-marker for predicting disease outcome and therapeutic target. (reference number 953) McKeating, Jane Harris, Adrian
Characterisation of Antimicrobial Resistance Gene Dissemination in Enterobacteriaceae from Farms in Oxfordshire using Whole Genome Sequencing (reference number 974) Crook, Derrick Anjum, Muna Smith, Richard
Characterisation of Viral OncoProtein (VOP) and Tumor specific Protein (TSP) specific T cell responses in HPV virus associated Cervical and head-neck Cancers (reference number 929) Dong, Tao Peng, YanChun
Clinical Development of Vaccines against Emerging Pathogens (reference number 969) Gilbert, Sarah
Clinical Trial Methodology In Developing Countries (reference number 378) Lang, Trudie
CMV and inflammatory bowel disease (reference number 951) Klenerman, Paul Arancibia, Carolina
Comprehensive epigenetic profiling of circulating cell-free DNA for noninvasive diagnostics (reference number 831) Song, Chunxiao
Controlling DNA repair by small-molecule inhibitors of human DNA helicases. (reference number 193) Gileadi, Opher
Crosstalk between the tumour suppressor p53 and inflammation pathways (reference number 743) Lu, Xin
Defining RORγt-dependent transcriptional networks in human Th17 and MAIT cells (reference number 710) Klenerman, Paul Xue, Luzheng
Defining the role of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells in infection and inflammation (reference number 950) Klenerman, Paul
Design, implementation and analysis of samples and data from experimental medicine-early phase trials of IL-2 therapy in T1D and vasculitis (reference number 880) Todd, John
Designing Dengue and Zika virus vaccines (reference number 947) Screaton, Gavin
Developing a new model of cancer drivers (reference number 943) Wedge, David
Developing a novel platform for single dose vaccine delivery (reference number 771) Milicic, Anita Hill, Adrian Stride, Eleanor
Developing a vaccine against Staphylococcus aureus (reference number 760) Wyllie, David Wilson, Daniel
Development of a durable and efficacious pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine (reference number 944) Spencer, Alexandra Hill, Adrian
Development of dynamic algorithms for empirical antibiotic treatment in the rural tropics (reference number 826) Lubell, Yoel Day, Nicholas
Development of prediction tools in COPD (reference number 937) Bafadhel, Mona
Discovery of Small Molecule Inhibitors of S100 Proteins (reference number 928) Fedorov, Oleg Brennan, Paul
DNA double-strand break repair in tumour suppression and oncogenesis (reference number 658) Chapman, Ross Tomlinson, Ian
Drug Target Identification Using Chemoproteomic Approaches (reference number 781) Huber, Kilian Kessler, Benedikt
Emerging pathogens- vaccine development (reference number 750) Lambe, Teresa Gilbert, Sarah Hill, Adrian
Epigenetic targets for immunomodulatory therapy in infectious disease and cancer (reference number 825) Knight, Julian Davies, Ben
Examining the current adoption of digital health innovations in Kenyan hospitals and exploring their potential for improving services and patient care. (reference number 946) English, Mike Paton, Chris Winters, Niall
Examining the potential for expanding coverage of neonatal care in low and middle income countries through task shifting and task sharing. (reference number 945) English, Mike Roehr, Charles Jackson, Debra
Exploring correlates of protection from TB using a functional in vitro assay (reference number 977) McShane, Helen Tanner, Rachel
Fine-tuning of immune cell signaling: Investigating its genetic and molecular basis (reference number 942) Dendrou, Calliope
Gene identification in type 1 diabetes (reference number 878) Todd, John
Genetic and Genomic epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax: dissecting patterns of transmission and adaptation (reference number 971) Price, Richard Auburn, Sarah
Genetic defects and immune dysregulation in patients with early onset inflammatory bowel disease (reference number 406) Uhlig, Holm
Genome Editing – manipulation of stem cells by CRISPR nucleases (reference number 758) Davies, Ben McCarthy, Mark
Genomics and Metagenomics of Animal, Environmental and Human Samples to Understand Resistance Gene Transmission Amongst Enterobacteriaceae in Oxfordshire (reference number 972) Walker, (Ann) Sarah Gweon, Hyun Soon Read, Daniel
Harnessing digital technology and the sharing phenomena to improve health research in Low resource settings (reference number 449) Lang, Trudie
Healthcare big data and genomics for infectious disease threat detection (reference number 842) Clifton, David and Peto, Tim
Hepatitis C virus genetics of cirrhosis (reference number 970) Wilson, Daniel Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor)
HIV-1 specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses during acute HIV-1 infection with different subtypes in an African cohort (reference number 966) Sanders, Eduard Rowland-Jones, Sarah Esbjornsson, Joakim Hassan, Amin
HLA regulation of the T cell repertoire (reference number 879) Todd, John
How to make a vaccine for hepatitis C virus that works (reference number 838) Simmonds, Peter Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor)
Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) transcriptional selectivity in kidney cancer (reference number 650) Mole, David Salama, Rafik and Ratcliffe, Peter
Image-Based Decoding the Role of Microglia (reference number 956) Rittscher, Jens
Immunological and genetic correlates of delayed HIV disease progression in children with perinatally-acquired HIV-1 infection, Harare, Zimbabwe (reference number 959) Rowland-Jones, Sarah Ferrand, Rashida Yindom, Louis-Marie
Influenza vaccines – Broad protection through vaccination (reference number 404) Gilbert, Sarah Lambe, Teresa
Influenza virus infection, monocytes, macrophages and their roles in lung fibrosis (reference number 770) Ho, Ling-Pei
Interactions between the host restriction factor TRIM5alpha and HIV-2 capsid in mediating viral control (reference number 960) Rowland-Jones, Sarah Zhang, Peijun Esbjornsson, Joakim
Investigating the combined use of structural and bioactivity data to prioritise compound design (reference number 748) Marsden, Brian von Delft, Frank Brennan, Paul
Investigating the molecular and cellular basis of antibody affinity maturation in germinal centres (reference number 967) Bannard, Oliver
Investigating the p53 and hypoxia pathways in cancer-host crosstalk (reference number 948) Lu, Xin
Mapping causal mechanisms for type 2 diabetes through integration of massive genetic, genomic and clinical data sets (reference number 938) McCarthy, Mark Morris, Andrew Gloyn, Anna
  • Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics & Genomics
  • Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology
Mechanisms of HIV-1 restriction by host cell factors using cryoEM (reference number 866) Zhang, Peijun
Mechanisms of intestinal barrier function in health and inflammation (reference number 909) Simmons, Alison
Microfluidic and Lab-on-a-Chip approaches to characterising and targeting the HIV reservoir (reference number 932) Frater, John
Mining transethnic data sets to understand how genetic and environment diversity contribute to variation in type 2 diabetes risk and phenotype (reference number 939) McCarthy, Mark Morris, Andrew Mahajan, Anubha
  • Genes, Genetics, Epigenetics & Genomics
  • Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology
Modulation of transcription via direct targeting of BET proteins (reference number 438) Filippakopoulos, Panagis Goding, Colin Milne, Thomas
Novel oxygen sensors in physiology and disease. (reference number 954) Ratcliffe, Peter
Organoids and AI-based image analysis to study responses to infection and drug treatment (reference number 949) Lu, Xin
Perforin-like proteins in health and disease (reference number 640) Gilbert, Robert
Persistent Haemophilus influenzae infection, innate immunity and the effect of inhaled corticosteroids in airways disease (reference number 804) Bafadhel, Mona
Profiling USP37 function in DNA repair and the cancer cell cycle (reference number 360) Kessler, Benedikt D'Angiolella, Vincenzo
Prognostic survival models and adaptive trial designs in tuberculous meningitis (reference number 978) Geskus, Ronald Thwaites, Guy
Re-engineering the DNA binding characteristics of a speciation gene (reference number 759) Davies, Ben Myers, Simon
Regulation of type 2 cytokine release by Peripheral Blood Cells and its relevance to asthma pathogenesis (reference number 976) Hinks, Timothy and Pavord, Ian Powell, Timothy
Role of ubiquitination in regulating neuroinflammation (reference number 916) Kessler, Benedikt Davis, John di Daniel, Elena
Roles of extracellular vesicles released from HIV-infected cells (reference number 963) Borrow, Persephone Fritzsche, Marco
Simultaneous host and pathogen ’omics to interrogate the HIV reservoir (reference number 931) Frater, John
Structural biology of cell surface receptors. (reference number 114) Jones, E. Yvonne Stuart, David
Structural biology of morphogen signalling (reference number 118) Siebold, Christian
Structure and Function of AAA ATPases (reference number 780) Huber, Kilian Brennan, Paul
Structure and function of bacterial chemotaxis signaling array by cryo-electron tomography (reference number 927) Zhang, Peijun
Structure-guided design of malaria and rabies vaccines (reference number 924) Douglas, Alexander (Sandy) Higgins, Matthew
Targeting cancer stem cell biology by enzymatic inhibition (reference number 849) Gilbert, Robert
The function of pattern recognition receptors in immune homeostasis and inflammation (reference number 908) Simmons, Alison
The genetic architecture of complex traits (reference number 975) McVean, Gil
The impact of IFITM3 genetic variation on virus infection, immune responses and disease outcome (reference number 930) Dong, Tao Wellington, Dannielle
The role of HIF in proliferation and cancer: carotid body physiology/pathology as a paradigm for pseudohypoxic cancers (reference number 940) Bishop, Tammie Ratcliffe, Peter
The role of RNA virus composition in pathogenicity and host response (reference number 814) Simmonds, Peter Fodor, Ervin
Therapeutic link between oral microbiome, periodontitis and diabetes type 2 - a structure/function study (reference number 958) Yue, Wyatt Duerr, Katharina Bezerra, Gustavo
Tracking the evolution of cancer genomes with computational biology (reference number 941) Wedge, David Myers, Simon
Understanding how Type 2 diabetes mellitus increases susceptibility to intracellular pathogens (reference number 964) Dunachie, Susanna Klenerman, Paul
Understanding mycobacterial protective immunity in the murine model (reference number 745) McShane, Helen Satti, Iman
Understanding the impact of hypoxia on HIV replication and latency (reference number 952) McKeating, Jane Borrow, Persephone
Using CRISPR-Cas9 to understand malaria parasite invasion of hepatocytes (reference number 906) Douglas, Alexander (Sandy) Hill, Adrian
Using Mass Spectrometry to identify new antigens for TB vaccines (reference number 716) McShane, Helen Bettencourt, Paulo
Using mechanistic models to understand the impact of antimicrobial use in farming systems in Southeast Asia on antimicrobial resistance. (reference number 968) Cooper, Ben Clapham, Hannah and Carrique-Mas, Juan
Wastewater Influent and Population-Level Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae in Oxfordshire using Whole Genome Sequencing (reference number 973) Crook, Derrick Read, Daniel