Doctoral Projects

A wide variety of doctoral projects are available for students applying to the NDM. A full list of projects for 2018/19 entry will be made available by the end of October 2017.


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DPhil Project Project Supervisors Theme
A novel method to study the three dimensional organisation of the genome during DNA replication (reference number 765) Green, Catherine Tomlinson, Ian
Biomarkers of the HIV reservoir and remission in primary HIV infection (reference number 933) Frater, John
Characterisation of Viral OncoProtein (VOP) and Tumor specific Protein (TSP) specific T cell responses in HPV virus associated Cervical and head-neck Cancers (reference number 929) Dong, Tao Peng, YanChun
Designing Dengue and Zika virus vaccines (reference number 947) Screaton, Gavin
Digital Research Tool Development and Testing to Enhance Research in Low Income Settings (reference number 449) Lang, Trudie
Genetic defects and immune dysregulation in patients with early onset inflammatory bowel disease (reference number 406) Uhlig, Holm
Mechanisms of HIV-1 restriction by host cell factors using cryoEM (reference number 866) Zhang, Peijun
Microfluidic and Lab-on-a-Chip approaches to characterising and targeting the HIV reservoir (reference number 932) Frater, John
Perforin-like proteins in health and disease (reference number 640) Gilbert, Robert
Simultaneous host and pathogen ’omics to interrogate the HIV reservoir (reference number 931) Frater, John
Structure and function of bacterial chemotaxis signaling array by cryo-electron tomography (reference number 927) Zhang, Peijun
Targeting cancer stem cell biology by enzymatic inhibition (reference number 849) Gilbert, Robert
The impact of IFITM3 genetic variation on virus infection, immune responses and disease outcome (reference number 930) Dong, Tao Wellington, Dannielle
The role of HIF in proliferation and cancer: carotid body physiology/pathology as a paradigm for pseudohypoxic cancers (reference number 940) Bishop, Tammie Ratcliffe, Peter
Using Mass Spectrometry to identify new antigens for TB vaccines (reference number 716) McShane, Helen Bettencourt, Paulo