Doctoral Projects for 2020 entry

 A full list will be available from 2 September 2019 when applications open.


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DPhil Project Project Supervisors Theme
Starvation and Pseudo-starvation in cancer metastasis (reference number 437) Goding, Colin Kriaucionis, Skirmantas
Genes and environment in type 1 diabetes (reference number 994) O'Callaghan, Chris and Davison, Professor Lucy
Mucosal associated invariant T cells in pulmonary tissue repair (reference number 1032) Hinks, Timothy and Klenerman, Paul
Understanding pathways leading to severe dengue and predicting outcomes using biomarkers and physiological data from innovative wearable devices. (reference number 1035) Geskus, Ronald Yacoub, Sophie and Phung Khanh, Lam
Identifying protective mechanisms of anti-sporozoite vaccines in humans. (reference number 1034) Ewer, Katie Hill, Adrian
Understanding the impact of bacterial infections in causing pre-cancerous lesions (reference number 1033) Boccellato, Francesco Goding, Colin
Structure and dynamics of retrovirus capsids (reference number 1040) Bowden, Thomas Zhang, Peijun and Stuart, David
Structural mechanisms of HIV-1 inhibition by host cell factors using cryoEM (reference number 866) Zhang, Peijun and Grimes, Jonathan
Socio-cultural context surrounding drivers of antibiotic consumption in Nam Dinh Province and the feasibility of community-targeted interventions (reference number 1036) Van Nuil, Jennifer and Lewycka, Sonia and Cheah, Phaik Yeong
Health economic evaluation of direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C treatment in Vietnam (reference number 1039) Thwaites, Guy Turner, Hugo