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Subversion of cellular defence mechanisms in H. pylori-induced stomach cancer (reference number 1000) Goding, Colin Boccellato, Francesco
The use of lineage tracing to define the origins of cancer (reference number 1031) Ratcliffe, Peter Adam, Julie and Mole, David
A novel method to study the three dimensional organisation of the genome during DNA replication (reference number 765) Tomlinson, Ian Green, Catherine Lockstone, Helen
Crosstalk between the tumour suppressor p53 and inflammation pathways (reference number 743) Lu, Xin Gyrd-Hansen, Mads
Organoids and AI-based image analysis to study responses to infection and drug treatment (reference number 949) Lu, Xin Rittscher, Jens
DNA double-strand break repair equilibrium in tumour suppression and oncogenesis (reference number 658) Chapman, Ross Cornall, Richard
Investigating the p53 and hypoxia pathways in cancer-host crosstalk (reference number 948) Lu, Xin Ratcliffe, Peter
Development of tools for interrogation of post-translationally spliced antigens presented on HLA molecules in cancer (reference number 1030) Ternette, Nicola Borrow, Persephone
Multi-omic analysis of Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) transcriptional pathway in kidney cancer (reference number 1029) Mole, David Ratcliffe, Peter
Redefining “pneumonia” in the era of electronic health records (reference number 983) Walker, (Ann) Sarah Eyre, David and Peto, Tim
Identifying Pathogenic Variants for Rare Diseases from Whole Genome Sequencing data (reference number 1021) Taylor, Jenny Wilkie, Andrew
Bisulfite-free and base-resolution single-cell DNA epigenetic sequencing (reference number 985) Song, Chunxiao Kriaucionis, Skirmantas
Identifying and characterising gastric stem cells and their role in H. pylori-induced stomach cancer (reference number 999) Boccellato, Francesco Goding, Colin
Bisulfite-free and base-resolution cell-free DNA epigenetic sequencing for cancer diagnostics (reference number 831) Song, Chunxiao Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin
Analysing genetic heterogeneity through single-cell genomics (reference number 795) Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin Kriaucionis, Skirmantas Lu, Xin
A comprehensive computational platform to improve liquid biopsies for cancer detection (reference number 961) Schuster-Böckler, Benjamin Song, Chunxiao
Genes and environment in type 1 diabetes (reference number 994) O'Callaghan, Chris Davison, Lucy
Improving viral genomic data analyses to gain new insights into HIV transmission and evolution (reference number 1011) Fraser, Christophe McVean, Gil
Analysis of the role of common single nucleotide polymorphisms and structural variants in type 1 diabetes (reference number 880) Todd, John Cutler, Antony Flores, David
Analysis of the role of rare de novo variation in Type 1 Diabetes (reference number 878) Todd, John Crouch, Daniel Cutler, Antony
Accelerating progress to personalised medicine in infectious disease using genomics (reference number 824) Knight, Julian Hill, Adrian
CRISPR-activation and inhibition - manipulating gene expression within the stem cell (reference number 758) Davies, Ben McCarthy, Mark
Mining transethnic data sets to understand how genetic and environment diversity contribute to variation in type 2 diabetes risk and phenotype (reference number 939) McCarthy, Mark Morris, Andrew Mahajan, Anubha
Re-engineering the DNA binding characteristics of a speciation gene (reference number 759) Davies, Ben Myers, Simon Donnelly, Peter
Mapping causal mechanisms for type 2 diabetes through integration of massive genetic, genomic and clinical data sets (reference number 938) McCarthy, Mark Morris, Andrew Gloyn, Anna
Using machine learning and statistical prediction models to improve empirical antibiotic prescribing (reference number 1024) Eyre, David and Robotham, Julie and Pouwels, Koen and Walker, (Ann) Sarah Cooper, Ben
Regulation of type 2 cytokine release by Peripheral Blood Cells and its relevance to asthma pathogenesis (reference number 976) Hinks, Timothy and Pavord, Ian Powell, Timothy
Characterising the transcriptional landscape of tissue-resident T follicular helper cells (reference number 879) Todd, John Ferreira, Ricardo Dunstan, Melanie
Roles of extracellular vesicles released from HIV-infected cells (reference number 963) Borrow, Persephone Fritzsche, Marco
Interplay between innate cytokines in HIV-1 control (reference number 1018) Borrow, Persephone Rehwinkel, Jan
Understanding the impact of hypoxia on HIV replication and latency (reference number 952) McKeating, Jane Borrow, Persephone
How cells detect and control hepatitis B virus (reference number 986) McKeating, Jane Rehwinkel, Jan
Murine modelling of non-typeable haemophilus influenzae in lower airways inflammation (reference number 936) Hinks, Timothy and Klenerman, Paul
AhR(port) dynamics: dissecting the Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor interactome during the course of infection (reference number 1017) Moura Alves, Pedro Gyrd-Hansen, Mads
Design of a HIV vaccine to stimulate protective HLA-E-restricted T cell responses (reference number 957) Borrow, Persephone Gillespie, Geraldine McMichael, Andrew
Investigating the molecular and cellular basis of antibody affinity maturation in germinal centres (reference number 1014) Bannard, Oliver Cornall, Richard
Elucidating the antigenic evolution of influenza to inform vaccine design (reference number 1028) Klenerman, Paul Gupta, Sunetra
Mechanisms of steroid-resistant airways inflammation in asthma (reference number 935) Hinks, Timothy and Pavord, Ian
Regulation of Hepatitis B Virus Infection by Hypoxic Signalling Pathways. (reference number 997) McKeating, Jane Liang, Jake
Epigenetic targets for immunomodulatory therapy in infectious disease and cancer (reference number 825) Knight, Julian Davies, Ben
Single cell analysis of B and T cell reconstitution during and after immunomodulatory therapy in autoimmune diseases and cancer (reference number 982) Bashford-Rogers, Rachael and Todd, John
Development of therapeutic vaccines for MAGE-expressing tumours (reference number 1019) Van Den Eynde, Benoit Leung, Carol
Big Data in Viral Hepatitis (reference number 990) Matthews, Philippa Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor) Klenerman, Paul
CMV and inflammatory bowel disease (reference number 951) Klenerman, Paul Arancibia, Carolina
An integrated understanding of HIV transmission (reference number 1013) Lythgoe, Katrina and Fraser, Christophe
How to make a vaccine for hepatitis C virus that works (reference number 838) Simmonds, Peter Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor)
A novel B cell immunodeficiency syndrome (reference number 1007) Cornall, Richard Bannard, Oliver
What has caused the recent emergence of enterovirus D68 and other pathogenic enteroviruses? (reference number 1025) Simmonds, Peter Horby, Peter
Genomics and Metagenomics of Animal, Environmental and Human Samples to Understand Resistance Gene Transmission Amongst Enterobacteriaceae in Oxfordshire (reference number 972) Walker, (Ann) Sarah Gweon, Hyun Soon Read, Daniel
Mapping Chronic Virus Immune Escape at the Global Scale (reference number 1012) Lythgoe, Katrina and McVean, Gil Fraser, Christophe
How are different B cell populations developmentally linked in human health? (reference number 981) Bashford-Rogers, Rachael and Todd, John
The TIGER project (reference number 979) Klenerman, Paul Arancibia, Carolina and Willberg, Chris
The role of RNA virus composition in pathogenicity and host response (reference number 814) Simmonds, Peter Fodor, Ervin
Mass spectrometry-based study of ubiquitin and ISG15 landscapes in immunity (reference number 875) Gyrd-Hansen, Mads Kessler, Benedikt
Elucidating the role of immune cells in alveolar epithelial regeneration and lung fibrosis (reference number 1027) Ho, Ling-Pei Denney, Laura
Ascertaining HIV-1 entry in primary cells using advanced imaging approaches (reference number 823) Padilla-Parra, Sergi Zhang, Peijun
Characterising the relationship between hepatitis b virus (HBV) diversity, fitness and clinical outcome (reference number 996) Matthews, Philippa McKeating, Jane
Identification of the protective characteristics of a promising TB vaccine candidate (reference number 745) McShane, Helen Stylianou, Elena
The threshold of B cell activation (reference number 1008) Cornall, Richard Deobagkar-Lele, Mukta
Influenza Vaccine Development – Broad protection through vaccination (reference number 991) Lambe, Teresa Gilbert, Sarah
Antigen presentation from malaria infected liver cells – identifying better CD8+ T cell antigens (reference number 865) Spencer, Alexandra Hill, Adrian
Using mechanistic models to understand the impact of spatiotemporal heterogeneity in patterns of antimicrobial use in Southeast Asia on antimicrobial resistance. (reference number 989) Cooper, Ben Pan-ngum, Wirichada Day, Nicholas
Biomarkers and Immunogenicity of the HIV reservoir in primary HIV infection (reference number 933) Frater, John Goulder, Philip
Simultaneous host and pathogen ’omics to interrogate the HIV reservoir (reference number 931) Frater, John Klenerman, Paul
Characterising the vaccine-induced antibody response against M.tb (reference number 977) McShane, Helen Tanner, Rachel
Defining the infant immune response to BCG vaccination in human and non-human primates (reference number 716) McShane, Helen Satti, Iman Sharpe, Sally
Developing novel Hepatitis B Vaccines for immunotherapy (reference number 653) Barnes, Ellie (Eleanor) Klenerman, Paul
Developing Treatment Paradigms for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (reference number 980) Goding, Colin Bharti, Kapil
Identification of hypoxia-sensing/signalling pathways that are dysregulated in cancer. (reference number 988) Ratcliffe, Peter
Transcriptional pathways regulating lymphangiogenesis (reference number 1016) De Val, Sarah
The New Pathology: Dissecting Cellular Responses in Lupus Nephritis (reference number 1009) Bull, Katherine and Cornall, Richard
Structure and dynamics of bacterial chemotaxis signalling array by cryoEM (reference number 927) Zhang, Peijun Sansom, Mark
Structural biology of cell surface receptors. (reference number 114) Jones, E. Yvonne Stuart, David
Structural biology of morphogen signalling (reference number 118) Siebold, Christian Jones, E. Yvonne
Targeting cancer stem cell biology by enzymatic inhibition (reference number 849) Gilbert, Robert Mantri, Monica
Structure, substrate identification and drug discovery for ubiquitin ligases involved in human cancer (reference number 1006) Bullock, Alex D'Angiolella, Vincenzo
Drug Target Identification Using Chemoproteomic Approaches (reference number 781) Huber, Kilian Kessler, Benedikt
Therapeutic link between oral microbiome, periodontitis and diabetes type 2 - a structure/function study (reference number 958) Duerr, Katharina Yue, Wyatt
Understanding the Role of Vitamin B6 Homeostasis in Health and Disease (reference number 1002) Yue, Wyatt Huber, Kilian
Structural and functional characterization of solute carriers - key players in cellular transport and drug delivery (reference number 833) Duerr, Katharina von Delft, Frank
Modulation of transcription via assembly of negative regulators (reference number 438) Filippakopoulos, Panagis Kriaucionis, Skirmantas Taylor, Steve
How do dsRNA viruses enter cells without membrane fusion (reference number 1020) Grimes, Jonathan Stuart, David
Structural and functional characterisation of the influenza virus transcriptional machinery (reference number 746) Grimes, Jonathan Fodor, Ervin
Perforin-like proteins in health and disease (reference number 640) Gilbert, Robert Yu, Xiulian
Structural and functional characterisation of the influenza virus nuclear export machinery (reference number 747) Grimes, Jonathan Fodor, Ervin
Structural mechanisms of HIV-1 inhibition by host cell factors using cryoEM (reference number 866) Zhang, Peijun Grimes, Jonathan
Ligand Modulation of bHLH-PAS transcription factors (reference number 984) Rastinejad, Fraydoon
Structural studies of human potassium channels and lipid scramblases in genetic disease (reference number 328) Carpenter, Liz Tucker, Stephen and Sitsapesan, Rebecca
Structure and Function of AAA ATPases (reference number 780) Huber, Kilian Brennan, Paul
Cryo-EM, crystallography and functional studies of human membrane proteins involved in cancer, metabolic and neuropsychiatric disease (reference number 226) Carpenter, Liz Pike, Ashley
Examining the ability of early career medical staff to support the provision of high quality care in Kenya. (reference number 995) English, Mike Barasa, Edwine
Defining the future role of the African District Hospital in provision of Paediatric and Adolescent Health Services (reference number 993) English, Mike Paton, Chris
Modelling integrated fever management in the presence of anti-microbial resistance (reference number 998) White, Lisa Pan-ngum, Wirichada
Febrile illness in rural Southeast Asia: identifying predictors of severe illness and developing decision-support tools applicable to remote tropical settings (reference number 1022) Day, Nicholas Lubell, Yoel
Improving immediate neonatal care within Kenyan hospitals. (reference number 992) English, Mike Roehr, Charles
Epidemiology and public health significance of the Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae malaria species (reference number 1010) Gething, Peter Howes, Rosalind Battle, Katherine
Tracking early growth in vulnerable newborn babies that have required inpatient hospital care after birth (reference number 1026) Paton, Chris English, Mike
Measuring the impact of population movement on malaria in Africa and Asia (reference number 1003) Maude, Richard Dhorda, Mehul
Smartphone based image analysis for malaria diagnosis (reference number 1004) Maude, Richard Jaeger, Stefan
Development of dynamic algorithms for empirical antibiotic treatment in the rural tropics (reference number 826) Lubell, Yoel Day, Nicholas