Doctoral Projects for 2020 entry

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DPhil Project Project Supervisors
An integrated understanding of HIV transmission (reference number 1013) Fraser, Christophe
CRISPR-activation and inhibition - manipulating gene expression within the stem cell (reference number 758) Knight, Julian
Host inflammation in pathogenesis, treatment response and outcome of tuberculous meningitis (reference number 1042) Thwaites, Guy
Improving viral genomic data analyses to gain new insights into HIV transmission and evolution (reference number 1011) McVean, Gil
Long-term colonization with colistin resistant bacteria in provincial community, Vietnam (reference number 1041) Thi Ngo, Hoa
Molecular Mechanisms of genetic risk in atherosclerosis (reference number 1046) O'Callaghan, Chris
Re-engineering the DNA binding characteristics of a speciation gene (reference number 759) Donnelly, Peter
The role of RNA virus composition in pathogenicity and host response (reference number 814) Fodor, Professor Ervin
What is the effect of genetic variation on B and T cell fate and disease susceptibility? (reference number 981) Todd, John