Doctoral Projects for 2020 entry

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DPhil Project Project Supervisors
Cryo-EM, crystallography and functional studies of human membrane proteins involved in cancer, metabolic and neuropsychiatric disease (reference number 226) Carpenter, Liz Pike, Dr Ashley
Development of allosteric deubiquitinase targeted chimeras (DUBTACs) for protein activation and investigation of cellular ubiquitin signaling. (reference number 1071) Kessler, Benedikt Brennan, Paul Elliot, Paul
Drugging GTPases via Their Exchange Factors (reference number 1070) Brennan, Paul von Delft, Frank
Integrating structural and genomic information to understand cross-species transmission and evolution of emerging viruses (reference number 1072) Bowden, Thomas Pybus, Professor Oliver
Molecular basis of moonlighting enzymes – the Swiss army knives in a cell (reference number 1048) Yue, Wyatt Elkins, Jon
Structural and functional characterization of solute carriers - key players in cellular transport and drug delivery (reference number 833) Duerr, Katharina von Delft, Frank
Structural biology of cell surface receptors. (reference number 114) Jones, E. Yvonne Stuart, David
Structural biology of morphogen signalling (reference number 118) Siebold, Christian Jones, E. Yvonne
Structural mechanisms of viral inhibition by host cell factors using cryoEM (reference number 866) Zhang, Peijun Grimes, Jonathan
Structure and dynamics of bacterial chemotaxis signalling array by cryoEM (reference number 927) Zhang, Peijun Sansom, Professor Mark
Structure and Function of E3 Ligase Complexes to Enable Drug Discovery (reference number 780) von Delft, Frank Huber, Kilian Brennan, Paul
Structure, function and drug discovery for E3 ubiquitin ligases (reference number 1006) Bullock, Alex D'Angiolella, Vincenzo
Zoonotic viruses at the cell surface (reference number 1065) Bowden, Thomas Zhang, Peijun